Sunday, January 18, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty Line

I am not hardcore fan of MAC, but i do admire some of their products (it's a girl thing i can't ignore). I do dream of owning several MAC brushes and a rainbow of eyeshadow, and pretty pretty pretty things, but i can't calculate on how to afford it all, i have to think of the priorities in my life. i do not have a single solitary MAC product in my makeup bag, however. I see that changing in the near future.
I came across the MAC Hello Kitty line and i have to tell you i am absolutely in love, it is practically calling out my name! My particular love for Hello Kitty began as a childhood obsession and it has finally found it's way into my adulthood. As much as my heart desires to own the entire shebang, i will probably purchase >5 things from this line. To be honest, nothing really appeals to me except, it's Hello Kitty! I should start a wish list. Seriously, how can i resist?! I don't see how anyone can. The release date is Feb. 10, 2009, the same day my boyfriend is flying out here to me. I am even more stoked!

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I vow to no longer become a pack rat!

Funny things is, this weekend went through all the junk i accumulated during and post high school year and 80% of the stuff was Hello Kitty or Sanrio related. The stuff i got rid of consist mostly desk top stuff, trinkets, stationary, plastic figurines, stickers, etc.. Everything will be donated to a local non-profit charity.
I am the type of person who has a hard time of letting go of things and for some reason i felt good about letting go of the stuff i did. I was finally able to close a chapter in my life to begin a new one.
Getting rid of my crap is giving me a new mind set too. While i will always stay true to be a kid at heart (note: the reason why i want the hello kitty stuff), my mind is focused on myself that I am an adult now and I need to face and deal those real life responsibilities to get where i need to be. It's time to grow up.
The goal is to be with the one i love.

I am counting down the days!!!! 23 more days! My boyfriend is flying out here to visit. I miss him so much, it has been 6 months since we had last seen each other. It has been really hard not to be able to see one another for so long. We have been in a long distance relationship for 5 years now. He lives in VA and i live in CA. A lot of people will think and ask why? Why be in a long distance relationship, why go through it, it's hard, how do you do it, it will never work? Yes, it's hard and the reason is personal. How do we do it? It takes two to make one relationship work, and we communicate with one another. Long distance relationships are not for everyone, however. We are living proof long distance relationships can work, we're blessed to have each other in our lives.

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