Friday, January 2, 2009

Crummy Start

I have been trying to start my new years off with a good start, unfortunately, that it is not happening, at least not yet. I am still committed to follow through my resolutions, that is when I am good an ready...and i am ready.

I just got back from getting food from a local taqueria and they were absolutely rude! This is not the first time i had bought food from there, so i was really surprised and offended by their customer courtesy. I am hard-of-hearing (HOH) and i do not understand speech perfectly and it certainly doesn't make me any less of those who can hear well. The scenario was this: I order my food, paid for it. I absentmindedly forgot my change and headed for the condiments bar. I sensed that something was going on and i look behind and see the employees talking among themselves and laughing while glancing at me. I thought of it as weird at first but i ignored it, then a customer comes up to me with my change and i thank him for bring it to me. Then i see my order is ready and give the guy my receipt and ask him if this one was mine, he looked at it with humor and he said to me, "okay." i was like WTF? and looked at everyone coldly and everyone one starts talking and laughing amongst themselves even more. THAT just confirmed my suspicions that they were making fun of me. i have so much more on my plate right now. I am just going to leave it right here....

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