Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Out with the with the NEW

I am dedicating this entry in hopes for prosperous a new year, not just for myself but for everyone out there.

In the past I have made some new years resolutions but never acquired to fulfilled them. This year i will have some new resolution while keeping a couple of my old (annual) resolutions. I resolve to make 2009 an internal focus:


  • Get fit and rid of this holiday softness-- Seriously now, i may look like a 16 years old, but i have a physical fitness of an 80 year old. I make a resolution like this every year, I need to get my lazy arse up and about and be more productive. I think i should take up Tahitian Dancing again or something i can at least be dedicated to.
  • Bring my health up to par-- My ideal weight = 100lbs-105lbs. Even though I am at my normal body weight i am still have all this unnecessary (read: disturbing and noticeable) flab/rolls. I am actually trying to lose inches on my stomach area, reaching the ideal weight will be a bonus. I have accumulated years and years of holiday softness and laziness, it is time to get rid of this junk. I can't suck in my stomach forever.
  • Eliminate sugar intake and indulgence-- I have a horrible sweet tooth that is literally making me sick. I have a weakness for rich chocolate, ice cream, cookies, delicious looking fatty desserts. I decided that i will only have occasional "rewards" but i will be avoiding loading myself with sugar. I shall be testing out my will power and resistance. I will definitely be substituting some foods and drinks for something more healthy, which brings me to the next resolution...
  • Watching what I eat-- As the saying goes, "You are what you eat" no matter how skinny i appear to be i eat A LOT! and most of the time i junk on food that is not healthy for me at all. I love food, i am a FOODIE, i don't deny it and i don't think i can ever give up food. Rather than going on a strict diet i am going limit my food portion and try to eat meals 3 times a day where snacks will be something more nutritious. Also, I am going to try to eat more raw foods, such as vegetables and fruit. I will try to include healthy portions of vegetables in every dish i eat and substitute any desserts for something less rich and reach for something more fruity. Honestly, i don't know how to count calories but i do know i shouldn't be stuffing my face and pigging out.
  • Have more fun-- I realized this statement is a little broad and i will mention a few ideas. Try to live life to its fullest. I am not saying I have become a party pooper but at this day and age of mine I am not much into going out partying and stay out until the wee hours of the morning (i vision this will only occur occasionally.) The idea of "fun" varies from person to person and it just so happen that i favor the low key "fun", enjoying good company and having good times. Heck, I'd be happy being at home lounging around watching tv or movies or whatever while in pj's (especially, with my boyfriend). Trying new things, as long as it is harmless to my health and the sake of my safety i will take a chance. Enjoy life a little bit more, explore and discover new things. I am all about learning. I think will be surprised to discover something new in a place where i have lived all my life, i just need to get out a little bit more even if it means going alone. One of my biggest things is traveling; i love to travel. I do hope to go a little abroad and visit beautiful exotic places. I love to experience difference cultures and learn something new whilst gain much appreciation for the diversity in this world. Do things that will make yourself happy.
  • Look into more organic foods-- This follows the resolution "watching what i eat." I think more than half consumer population are more cautious about what they are buying and look into more natural and organic products, let alone try and use old fashioned home remedies. Let's face it people, the world is a toxic place and no one is 100% healthy anymore, but i agree it doesn't hurt to try and maintain healthy lifestyle and feel good about yourself. I certainly don't blame families/parents for trying to keep their children healthy as possible including themselves; i would probably be obsessive about my family's health. Earlier this year, my friend and i were discussing organic foods. She mentioned how "The Tyra Banks Show" had a topic on natural and organic products, basically a health topic. She was telling me to look at the ingredients in the stuff you buy (or bought) and if it has more than 11 ingredients put it back (or toss it out). You might want to even throw out anything with ingredients you don't recognize or pronounce. I am not saying i am scared shit about what i buy or consume nor should you be too, just be more aware. I am definitely going to try and stay away from processed foods and anything injected with growth hormones.
  • Go to Disneyland!-- This pretty much follows "have fun". i will always be a kid at heart that's a characteristic of mine i refuse to ever give up. It doesn't take too much to please me, I pretty much enjoy the little things life has to offer. Other than wanting to be with my boyfriend, a place i would love to go back to is Disneyland and regress to my five year old self. When i think about Disney, i get this warm giggly feeling inside as if i am getting back in touch with my inner-child. For as long as i can remember i have been wanting to go back to visit Disneyland, especially during the holidays when they have park themes--Halloween, Winter... I think the last time i went to Disneyland was 10 years ago, and that was for my gradnite in high school. And i haven't been to Disneyworld since i was 16. It has been so long since i had been to either magical place, but i would rather very much share my Disney moments with the person i love the most, my hun. I am hoping a visit will happen sometime this year. I just registered for the free birthday pass.
  • Terminate excess spending to save money-- Notice how i didn't say "limit" but terminate. My best friend and I are trying to abolish unnecessary purchases and spending. We often don't realized how much crap we have accumulated over the years is just a waste of money. I shared an article with her last year about 3 women who made a new years resolution to terminate any excess spending especially on their self and use what they already own--especially shoes and clothing. I know what a nightmare it may sound to some gals out there and i admit it terrifies me to try this, but i find it necessary because i have a nasty habit of spending money on stuff i don't really need and the need to use what i have spent my money on. The idea of this experiment was to recognize consumerism and the amount of money spent on purchases that are used once or twice and sometimes never at all. Lord knows i have to clean the back of closet to find that long lost article of clothing or shoes i never knew existed. One comment was saving over $1,000 a month by cutting back, while another said she wore the same dress twice to a wedding that year and didn't mind at all because it was a totally different party. In short, i just really need to think twice and ask myself if i am going to use it and how often will i use it, if i really do need and worth the purchase, before actually buying. However, my friend and i agreed to "rewarding" ourselves to something nice under certain circumstances, which have yet to be discussed. Anyways, it's all about resistance.
  • Minimize or pay off all debts.--There is nothing more disappointing to know that you are in a dirt deep debt, everyone has been affect by the financial turmoil of 2008. I am not saying i have terrible credit nor do i have an outstanding one, i just need to be more wise about using my credit cards and debit card. I need to keep track of purchases i make, the amount of withdraws i make from my account just to know where my money goes. I think it help to know that i am not overspending because i only own 3 credit cards. My future depends on money and i am going to make an effort to approach becoming financially stable.
  • Last year I vowed to try and take more pictures to capture memories and the moments, but my camera broke early last year. Although I did purchase a new digital camera i didn't take it out as much as my previous one. I had grown to love my old camera that i didn't feel the same connection i had with my new one. Now, i am getting used to my new camera and plan to use it more often. I think it had to do with the size, i own a Lumix so it's not exactly as compact as my broken powershot. I love photography. I also plan on investing into a SLR, a nikkon or canon. I also plan to scrapbook more often for memories an keepsakes.
  • Get a J-O-B!--the downward plunge of the economy has taken a huge toll in the job market making it even more difficult for me to acquire work. I need to dedicate my time and energy into seeking and applying for job. I have many reasons why i need a job right now. I would even work 2 or more jobs if i can handle the schedule. One reason i need a job is because another goal of mine this year is to move out of my parents house once and for all and move on. I need to detach myself away from their house and the burden of responsibility that goes with living at home. I lived in San Francisco for 5 1/2 years and i really miss the independence i once had. I am the eldest of three and I come from a very traditional background. I often take on the role as the second mother in this house and i honestly hate it, whatever i do is never enough. For years i have felt held back from my parents, i have felt guilt. I just need this job, independence, detachment to finally earn the meaning of grow(n) up. I think it will make me feel good about myself to take on my responsibilities in order to be responsible for others (work hard to succeed).

So there it is...some of my new years resolutions. i certainly have other goals, both short and long term, in mind but i can always add a few more later.
Let's hope i can apply these goals for the 2009.
I am going to ring in the new year like i do every year, at home. My dad and i went to blockbuster and rented movies.
I haven't done anything exciting for new years in a long long while and i don't mind being at home at all, it's a lot safer.

Exciting time ahead people!
Hope you have a safe and happy New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

It's a BLOG!

Here it is, I have created my own blog. Actually, I created this blog many moons ago I just never took the time to write or post anything.
At first i wanted to get a cute layout to match my persona, so i went on Then i realized if i did take a layout as my own it does not exactly resonate with who i am.

There was a reason why i wanted to start writing a blog, i wanted to be committed to something and i feel that this blog will help me execute such goals. I wanted to this blog to serve as a purpose, a place where i can express my thoughts into writing, to motivate and provide support, and help with accomplishing my goals; this blog, very multipurpose.
This blog will be written by an open-minded person for open-minded readers (if i actually make this blog public) because i do not have any tolerance with those who are ignorant and display any act of arrogance. Clearly, there is no single purpose of this blog other than inject my personal (even private) thoughts, opinions, and interests. If there are any readers of my blog, you will probably see a wide range of topics, but like i said, keep an open-mind. I am not here to defend myself, but i ask that you be respectful to the topic and contents of this blog. Tasteful criticism and responses are welcome and I do not care for the grammar police; so don't go on correcting my writing, mind your own blog this one is mine.

Like i said, i wanted to start anew. With the New Year is creeping around the corner it
means time to set some (new) new years resolutions, i thought i would be great to set some of my resolutions into this blog just to keep track of my list and any progress made.
I have cease to fail any of my new years (annual) resolutions and reason being just no will power or determination, mental and physical weakness and even some spiritual imbalance, issues...excuses, excuses...all in all i admit in the past i didn't believe in new years resolutions. My resolution tend to be repetitive and never accomplished, I would set goals and forget about them after a few weeks. My mind set has changed, at least i am trying to change it and i am going to be less obdurate of my goals, especially about my health; i am ready for some major transformation in my life and i would like to begin my transformation by recognizing my faults and work on ways to improve.
I honestly cannot wait for this year to end. This year has been quite an emotional year for me, at least coming to the end of this year; i do not recall very much about what happened early this year. So it's a good thing i have this blog now, i can easily jot down some memories and reminiscence back and say, "oh yea, that happened."
The past few months my life has been an extreme roller coaster. The difficult moments and events i experienced I feel will make me stronger for the year to come and i am determined
find the strength to stick to these goals and without doubts, achieve/accomplish them only for the better because that is exactly what i am looking forward to in 2009, the better.

I will be posting a new blog reminiscing the memorable (and the oh-so-not memorable) events of 2008 and some of my resolutions for 2009 in time for New Years eve.