Monday, December 29, 2008

It's a BLOG!

Here it is, I have created my own blog. Actually, I created this blog many moons ago I just never took the time to write or post anything.
At first i wanted to get a cute layout to match my persona, so i went on Then i realized if i did take a layout as my own it does not exactly resonate with who i am.

There was a reason why i wanted to start writing a blog, i wanted to be committed to something and i feel that this blog will help me execute such goals. I wanted to this blog to serve as a purpose, a place where i can express my thoughts into writing, to motivate and provide support, and help with accomplishing my goals; this blog, very multipurpose.
This blog will be written by an open-minded person for open-minded readers (if i actually make this blog public) because i do not have any tolerance with those who are ignorant and display any act of arrogance. Clearly, there is no single purpose of this blog other than inject my personal (even private) thoughts, opinions, and interests. If there are any readers of my blog, you will probably see a wide range of topics, but like i said, keep an open-mind. I am not here to defend myself, but i ask that you be respectful to the topic and contents of this blog. Tasteful criticism and responses are welcome and I do not care for the grammar police; so don't go on correcting my writing, mind your own blog this one is mine.

Like i said, i wanted to start anew. With the New Year is creeping around the corner it
means time to set some (new) new years resolutions, i thought i would be great to set some of my resolutions into this blog just to keep track of my list and any progress made.
I have cease to fail any of my new years (annual) resolutions and reason being just no will power or determination, mental and physical weakness and even some spiritual imbalance, issues...excuses, excuses...all in all i admit in the past i didn't believe in new years resolutions. My resolution tend to be repetitive and never accomplished, I would set goals and forget about them after a few weeks. My mind set has changed, at least i am trying to change it and i am going to be less obdurate of my goals, especially about my health; i am ready for some major transformation in my life and i would like to begin my transformation by recognizing my faults and work on ways to improve.
I honestly cannot wait for this year to end. This year has been quite an emotional year for me, at least coming to the end of this year; i do not recall very much about what happened early this year. So it's a good thing i have this blog now, i can easily jot down some memories and reminiscence back and say, "oh yea, that happened."
The past few months my life has been an extreme roller coaster. The difficult moments and events i experienced I feel will make me stronger for the year to come and i am determined
find the strength to stick to these goals and without doubts, achieve/accomplish them only for the better because that is exactly what i am looking forward to in 2009, the better.

I will be posting a new blog reminiscing the memorable (and the oh-so-not memorable) events of 2008 and some of my resolutions for 2009 in time for New Years eve.

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